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Managing your weight is not always easy. It is impossible to maintain a weight at the same level permanently. It is in the nature of man to see fluctuations from day to day. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain a healthy weight over a longer period of time.

To maintain your weight, the most important thing is learning to eat according to your needs. And you can do that by learning to listen to yourself.

Every day, our body needs energy to perform the tasks we ask it to do. This can be physical or intellectual.

In this…

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A few years ago, I started dieting. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, I am sure that, like me, you’ve gone through several methods.

Maybe you tried a keto diet, cutting out all carbs and focusing on fat and a little protein. Or you tried a Mediterranean diet, a Dukan diet, Juice Fasting, or even Cleansing.

There are so many out there, and new advice is being published every second as I type down my words. …

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I have talked about my journey through dieting in a previous article. It’s a journey on which I have made many mistakes. Today, I keep on learning and understanding new things about nutrition and our bodies.

We are in constant evolution, and therefore have to adapt as we move forward. I am not an expert, but here are five lessons that I learned along the way.

1. Weight is a simple mathematical equation

It’s as simple as that, you eat more calories than you need in a day, and you will gain way. You and less, and you will lose weight. Don’t overthink it. If you aren’t…

Srey Li, inspiration for the main character of the novel, photo by the author.

In a previous article, I mentioned how volunteering abroad, accidentally led me to start writing my first novel. That was three years ago. I would like to take you on that little journey that was the creation of that story, and share the lessons I learned.

Back then, I was living in Cambodia, and volunteering at a local NGO. Our goal was to provide children with free education and to do that, we needed money. Money to pay for infrastructure, salaries of trained teachers, school material for the kids. …

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鎧 — pronounced yoroi — means armor in Japanese. That’s what you and I are wearing every day. We wear them out of fear. But armors are heavy, they constrain your movements, they make it hard to breathe, hard to see, and it’s like un sauna inside during summertime. So take it off, be vulnerable.

I can’t remember the last time I really cried, just let go of my emotions, tears flow down my cheeks and drop to the floor. In other words, the last time I really let myself be vulnerable, in touch with my emotions.

Truthfully, I am…

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I am going to be straightforward with you. There are only 3 ways to lose weight, and they are:

1 — Calory Deficit
2 — Calory Deficit
3 — Calory Deficit

There you have it. Look no further.

Eating healthy is hard, losing weight is easy.

I have been trying to lose weight, lose fat, gain muscle, lose weight again, lose stubborn fat, gain muscle, for years.

So often, too often, I spent long lonesome minutes staring at myself in the mirror. All I could see what this lump of fat that was hanging around my belly. These love handles…

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You sit at your desk for a few hours, scrolling, searching for a job offer that you’re interested in. After seeing countless suggestions that supposedly match your profile, you finally find one job that triggers your curiosity. Your pupils dilate, you bend over your desk and read the description over again.

That’s it, you’ll give this one a try. You get straight to it. Onto the company web page to learn more about their activities and background, you read every single tab you can find. You then open a word document, start typing your cover letter. Maybe after an hour…

Mandalay Palace. Photo by myself.

Three years ago, I set foot at the Pa-Auk Monastery in Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar. I stayed there for ten days to discover Vipassana meditation. This was my experience.

The journey

I took a bus from Mandalay around noon, heading for the hilly region behind the city. In the middle of the dry season, temperatures were rising to 45 degrees Celcius during the day time. The city was hot, and I heard that it was much cooler a few kilometers away. I didn’t want to believe it then.

After an hour-long drive, a taxi that I shared with a few strangers, dropped…

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I woke up grumpy. I had an appointment with my landlord to discuss some issues in the building where I am renting. I didn’t want to go.

We have been going at it for a few days over emails until they — it’s a company-owned apartment — decided to meet face to face.

The central air-conditioning of the building still isn’t on. We passed the mid-July mark already, and as you can imagine, it’s hot and humid in Japan.

This also isn’t the first issue in that building. There used to be piles and piles of used furniture stored in…

When you have a panic attack, you can’t escape. There is no escaping the swirl, and you drown

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Two nights ago I was sitting with my neighbor on the porch in front of our building. We were enjoying the fresh breeze that swiftly made its way through the city’s street during the otherwise hot and humid summers of Osaka.

We were going on about our usual conversations when Ed suddenly asked me:

“Could you tell me more about your panic attacks? I want to understand.”

It’s a topic we discuss sometimes, and one that I am happy to talk about. It is important to raise awareness for the issue, to get everyone on board. He continued:

“I understand…

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Aspiring novelist. Passionate about languages. Writing to share my journey.

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